Was the snake actually satan or possessed by satan? I honestly don’t know. For my sake though, I choose to believe that the snake was evil in some way. I have grown up believing that the snake was satan and that “satan” brought sin into the world by deceiving Eve. I believe that God is good and everything he created was good. So, here is the dilemma, if God created a prefect and sinless world. Or at least that is what he intended it to be until Eve ate from the tree. In this world though there is no sin or evil, so how is a evil snake in the garden. That would be a imperfection. Now lets look at it from the other angle. That snake needs to be evil in some way, because it deceived Eve into eating from the tree. You can’t have both, because they contradict one another. I believe that the snake in some way was evil. A question that pops into mind is, did God need evil in his plan to save the world?
This is a good time to ask if evil was brought in to the world by the sin of Adam and Eve or if it was already there. If it was already there why did the whole scenario with the snake and the tree have to happen. I think that evil had not been in the world up until the point of the first sin. So many things change after they sin. They are kicked out of the garden, child labor, harvest and hunt our own food. We were ashamed and wore clothes, and the biggest thing is we were not able to walk hand in hand with God. If sin was already on the earth God wouldn’t have been on the earth walking with Adam in the garden.
Hell is not listed in the curse. God never mentions it in all of Genesis. I am not sure why God never mentioned it. It seems like it would be a important thing to address. Is hell real? I am not sure if hell is real. It doesn’t seem to line up with all that God is. I don’t think that Christ would curse hell on everyone, because then every one would be condemned to go to hell. This would not be good. It would also take away all free will that I believe God has given us. Now if we didn’t have free will all choices about anything would not even matter. We would simply be characters that God has in a movie. Are we characters. Think about it, if God knows all and is control everything it would make sense that we wouldn’t have free will. Why would we need it. Everything is just a part of His plan that has already been made.
Sin has been something that polluted the world when Adam and Eve sinned. Lets just think about it logically. All the things that were cursed when they sinned still are happening. Ladies still go through kinda rough not really that bad child labor and men still have to work hard for their food. Those are just two examples of things that are still happening. In scripture why were people not allowed to go into the holly of hollies. There were not clean enough from their sin. They were dirty with sin. This is something that we are born with. You don’t have to teach anyone to be selfish. In the New Testament one of the main themes is dying to our fleshly desire or sinful nature and embracing Christ’s spirit and living a live with Him.
Now I have had a lot of thought lately about my views towards things that I believed were foundational elements to my faith that I am starting to realize might not be true. For instance, did Eve have a choice not sin. Was evil going to be apart of this world wether she ate from the tree or not. I think it didn’t matter. We were all given free will. So in order to have free will to choose, you need options to choose. So in having sin come into this world the God supposably made to be perfect, we are given the will to choose him or ignore and reject what he has to say. We are not forced to follow him and we are not, not allowed follow Him. You can’t have good with out evil. Right? God is the good and the evil is our sinful nature.
Genesis 3:22-24 is very interesting. Basically its a monologue of God thinking out loud. He realizes that the humans have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He becomes worried that they will also eat from the tree of life. That would make them live forever. Then it goes on to say that He then banished them from the garden and that was that. This was knew to me. It kinda gave me the creeps, because it seems like God is worried, hiding something from us, and doesn’t want us to live forever. These all don’t seem to line up with what I thought God was like. Have we been misinterpreting things all this time?






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