Possibility Possible 

We are met with decisions, choices, and possibilities constantly throughout our lives. I believe that the idea that naturalists hold about everything being determined is just a bunch of malarky. Theres no way that they want to believe that everything they do or happens in their life is determined and is a product of a fallen domino. Living a life full of options and so called possibilities is the ideal scenario. But what if these options have been pre-determined. The winner of a game was determined before the match had begun. If you knew what was determined and what wasn’t you would be a man among boys. You would feel like Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future.   

Now as much fun as that would be, your life would be filled with the outcomes of other events. I personally do not find that to be how I want my life to be defined. I believe that when naturalists say that life is determined and we have no say in what will happen, they are just saying that to stay consistent with the rest of their belief system. I find the meaning of my life in Christ. A naturalist finds the meaning of their life in whats right in front of them. This may not seem like a bad system for some, although as soon as that “thing” is over, gone, finished, what do they have left…nothing. They then have to find another “thing.”  This seems to be a life full of the lack of meaning. 

I would tend to agree, without free will life’s meaning would be entirely sucked out. Everything you think you work for or desire has simply been decided for you. All possibilities would be gone. Whether good or bad, there would be no place for them. There cannot be choices without free will. A choice is when both options (although one may be better) are given and are equally attainable. For one, I like to believe that I have some control over the decisions I make involving my life. Richie D. may be able to live fine believing that he has no say in what he does and is simply a piece of machinery doing only what has been decided for him to do. 

I have been a little harsh. Although it may be hard and nearly impossible to find true meaning in a life without free will. As Lloyd Christmas would say, “so your saying theres a chance!” There may be a chance of someone finding meaning. Your meaning could be in a legacy that you leave. I think this is about all the meaning you could find and yet its still not entirely meaningful. Your legacy is the product of actions that were made for you. So the meaning of your life as a naturalist would be found in how “meaning” or significance is defined to you. 

I hope by now you realize that free will is a part of my worldview. I choose to believe in free will for these reasons. I believe God gave it to us as a gift. I think that life without it would be utterly pointless. I also, think that its something that all humans ultimately want to believe. They might try to convince themselves, their whole life, that its not real, but that does not mean in their heart they believe it. I might be making an assumption, but I think naturalist all the way up to big Rich himself want to believe in this idea of freewill and that the world is a closed system. 

I’ll explain what I mean by freewill is a gift from God. Why would God create a world full of robots? We are created in the image of God so that in itself is evidence that we have some bits of freewill instilled in our being. Unless you want to make the argument that God does not demonstrate characteristics of freewill. If everything was determined life would blow chow! Thats a fact everyone knows and a fact that Richard himself ignores everyday he calls himself a naturalist. 

I think its foolish to think that God created us absent of freewill. I also, believe its hard to call yourself a follower of Christ if you believe that freewill is non-existent. You didn’t decide to follow Christ it was a effect to cause. You never accepted the gift of salvation. It would not even be an option. If you live in a world without freewill you live in a world without options, choices, possibilities. All you get is the effect of the cause that came from the previous effect. 

It’s safe to say that freewill opens up our world to many possibilities that God has for us. It’s what makes us unique in the image of God. 


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