Now that senior year is coming to a end its been good times and not so good times thinking back on high school and all that has been done. When Mr. A announced this Bucket List assignment the first thing I thought of was Denny trying to catch a football. Then I focused and thought about the actual assignment at hand. A bucket list is gts. Here is what I wrote. 

Bucket List: 

Hangout with my boys


Take my parents out for dinner 

Hangout with my sisters 

Meet with an old Pastor 

Climb a water tower 

Have lunch with a kid I am mentoring 

Sleep on the roof

Sleep out in a car

Do some final pranks 

This was the majority of what I had. I was not able to complete most of these. I was able to complete a few however. Having dinner with my parents. I was not able to take them out. But I ate at home with them three nights in a row sit down style. We were able to talk and enjoy each other and the stories we all had to share. Mainly me talking about how Aaron got suspended. I will really miss being at home and having dinners made by my mom. It truly is a blessing that I have overlooked for most of my life. I wish I would have given my parents more priority when it came to my free time. They are the ones who have and will always be there for me. 

I really enjoy making memories with the people I love. The day of senior chapter is exactly the kind of thing that should have been on my bucket list. Being able to sit in a circle and look at the people I have done life with for the last four years was a gift that I will cherish forever. Being able to hear all of say very uplifting things to one another was also really cool. My favorite part was the fact that there were no awkward pauses between people. In fact for most people we had to go over the limit of three complements. To end the year with all of my classmates who are practically family on a good note was great.  It was good to have closure, peace, and laughs with everyone as a whole group one last time. 

Its funny how after three years of listening to seniors talk about how fast time goes. How they wish they could have a little more so on and so forth. Its so very true. Except for the fact about wanting more time. I am ready to start this new adventure of my life. I am looking forward to whats ahead. I believe all my classmates feel the same way. Its not bad to say you are looking forward to the future. You can still miss something and be excited for something at the same time. What I truly will miss the most is the atmosphere of “family.” Whether it was a good day or a bad it was a day with family. Being able to go to a place five days a week for 8 hours a day with people I genuinely enjoy being with was awesome! I hope they enjoyed being with me….they probably didn’t. 

Heritage has been a huge part of my life. The school and faculty have been great. I respect and appreciate about 90% of what they do. The left over 10% just blows chow. I love the school and am really happy my nephew is attending and hope he will stay here as long as possible. Its important to know where you came from. Heritage has given me a good and clear picture of that. I will be able to carry that with me where ever I go. 

I know this isn’t much of a bucket list blog. First of all the time frame Mr. A gave us to do this was just completely unrealistic. Secondly, I am not a planner. I hate planning things. I like living in the flow of life. Whether that is dodging bullets from poor decisions or stumbling upon gts. For instance today me and Ryan went to the Twins game. That wasn’t on my bucket list but it held the same essence of what I would want to be on my bucket list. The essence is basically enjoying every minute with those I cherish. Not having having bad times and on looking for good times. 

Bucket lists are for chumps. Live life one day at a time walking with your savior and stumbling upon gts with your loved ones. The best memories are the ones not planned. Example: T-tripper spilling extremely hot pizza on his upper thigh at 1 in the morning. Thats gts.  



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